About us

Chi siamo

The Merlo Factory has been involved in the design and construction of layouts and installations for exhibitions, fairs and congresses for over 30 years .

Our market is that of the automotive, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, corporate and  the art sector, with our installations being  pertinent to  the most diverse fields.

Our knowledge of materials, the work involved and the needs of our clients allow us to offer original and innovative solutions. This is why we adore breaking down barriers, investing in research and development, designing and creating new stands and scenography for conventions, exhibitions and road shows that leave their mark.

With craftsmanship that differentiates us, the ideas are materialize within the 2000 square meters of our production area  and  coordinated by our design and operations department, ready to implement the best strategies to complete all phases of the work.

Modularity, multifunctionality, adaptability, aesthetics, simplified logistics are the guidelines on which we develop our “know-how”, without ever losing sight of the attention to detail, a fundamental element in the overall vision.