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About us

Merlo Factory

Merlo Factory is a company that designs and implements events for which integrated solutions are needed: with the help of our craftsmen we aim at meeting the expectations of our clients from first to last.
In our workshop ideas take shape, and innovation becomes the helm of our services.
Our office takes shape in the form of a studio, where projects are developed, and in a factory, where things are built. We also make use of a 1000 sqm storage space where a large variety of products is kept, from furniture to raw materials. Merging the studio and the factory together in one space, allows us to coordinate each project entirely and around the clock, in order to achieve maximum efficiency and quality.

We Believe In Cooperation

This is why there must be a constant dialogue between the design team and the construction managers. This way we can tackle problems and issues that arise with every project, might that be just a scene setting, or a double-floor stand.
Our team is made of professionals with decennial experience in the field of exhibition and stand building, in addition to this we also make use of consultants from pertinent fields.

Why Choose Us

Siamo un azienda con una grande capacità  di problem solving, che grazie ad un pianificazione accurata di ogni progetto è sempre organizzata nonostante i diversi scenari e situazioni che si trova ad affrontare. Tutto questo senza mai perdere di vista la cura del dettaglio.

Our Team


Fabio Merlo


Giordano Carli

Senior Project Manager

Daniela Sorgi

Senior Architect

Manuela De Sanctis

Senior Architect

We do not give borders to our job

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